Thursday, December 07, 2017


You are right. 

I need someone who not only stay during good times,  but someone who will also be there during bad times.  I had a revelation, a person's character and personality is really difficult to change. I am no exception.

Do I want to be with someone who walks away everytime he gets angry with me?  Do I want to be with someone who always assumes that I am unhappy and flares up at me?  Do I really want to be with someone who doesn't cherish me? Do i want to be with someone who doesn't stand up for me?  Yes,  I know I may not be young anymore and my friends around my age are getting married.. But I do not want to end up marrying the wrong guy. I do not want to always be tipping my toes around you because I fear you. 

I'm a nice person and I deserve someone who will love me for who I am.  

Friday, December 01, 2017


Honestly,  after reading so many articles and learning from the people around me...  I realised that because of this label from someone,  for these few months I thought I was being super sensitive.  How far from the truth this is. Because this is someone I care and love, I see this as constructive comment.  But little did I know how self destructive this was. I constantly berated myself for being like this,  how unhealthy. How upset I was.  

Yes I may be sensitive but I am not HIGHLY sensitive. There is a difference. Honestly 99% of girls are usually sensitive la. Maybe guys just got to be more sensitive to our feelings.  

Before calling me 'highly' sensitive,  do you even know what it really means? Hmmm

A HSP (highly sensitive person)...

  • has a rich and complex inner life
  • is deeply moved by the arts and music
  • gets easily overwhelmed
  • has difficulty performing a task when being observed
  • easily startles
  • is sensitive to pain, caffeine, and hunger
  • is attuned to inner bodily sensations
  • readily notices sensory changes

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Bali 1

(17th Nov 2017)

Bali trip!  Woke up like crazy early to catch out 5+am flight.  Shag faces

 Koenokoeni villa!  With three bedrooms and our private pool.  I miss Bali life.  Damn chill,  no stress and everyday is super happy. 
We need so much snacks 
My photo doesn't do this room justice,  I love this room!  
High ceiling
With Mr Annoying 

Most of the stress comes from how you respond and not the way life is.  I am thankful to for the people in my life.  It is already december and I am still trying to think before I speak. Have always been one to shoot my mouth off and this is definitely not how I should be.  It is unpleasant, I know.  Most of the times,  I don't actually mean certain things in a bad way,  but I always get misunderstood :/ 
Dear God,  please let me be a better person.  

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Genting / KL

(11th Nov 2017)

Drove over to KL!  I an so thankful I have the three guys to take turns to drive,  all I did was rest in the car. HAHAH
What a nice scenic view driving down.  

C takes nice shots sometimes.  Hahah Good insta boyfriend 
Reached KL and the first thing i crave was bubble tea again!  C is always so nice to always give in to my cravings !  Hehe 
Zi char dinner!  
Then drinks before we head to KL Zouk. I think I really do not find joy in going to clubs now,  i used to love it especially with my gfs!  Like I rather have chill drinks over heading to clubs. A bit pointless  

Great company!  (: 

Thursday, November 16, 2017


(10th -12th Nov 2017)

Road trip to Genting and KL with the guys!  

First stop for breakfast at Yong Peng,  I love the charsiew here.  Damn good 

Beautiful view on route to Genting,  the last time I was there was like in uni days with my uni friends.  So many years ago
What we went to Genting for - Burger and Lobsters 

Had a really satisfying meal (: I want more!  

Before me losing money at the casino.  Hahaha ohwell